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sherry st. aubin  

Sherry was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Louisiana State University.  Sherry pledged the same Zeta Tau Alpha chapter her sister, Sandy, helped colonize in 1959.  She served the chapter as Rush (now called "Recruitment") Chairman and Panhellenic Delegate.

During her early years working in Baton Rouge, she was active in Zeta Tau Alpha as the Louisiana State Recommendations Chairman and Chapter Advisor to the LSU ZTA chapter.  Sherry remembers this time as one of the best experiences she has had as an alumna, working with a strong group of advisors and developing lifelong friendships.

Sherry met her husband, Rolland, at the Exxon Baton Rouge Refinery where he was a Chemical Engineer.  They married in 1975.  The couple worked for Exxon, living in Venezuela, Baton Rouge, and finally moving to Houston in 1978.  Sherry’s career at ExxonMobil was all in computing organizations, as a Programmer and finally an Information Systems Manager. 

Sherry saw this as an opportunity to use her technical skills and also develop her organizational skills while serving the business.  It was a perfect match for her motivated abilities.  After 33 years working for ExxonMobil, Sherry retired in 2003.

Since arriving in Houston, the St. Aubins have had five different homes, including ten years in Baytown.  As a mom and working full time, Sherry maintained membership in the Houston ZTA Alumnae chapter, but dropped out of active sorority life until she retired.  There were several years when Sherry was on the road for business almost weekly and her time for volunteer service was extremely limited.

Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association and Foundation
32nd Annual Scholarship Luncheon - Zeta Tau Alpha
(Standing) Sandy Lewis, Sherry St Aubin, Julie Faber, Tennille Faber (Scholarship Winner), Kathy Wilson,
Judy Jackson, Sharryn Ehrlich, Carol Petrusek, Gayle Thorn (Carolyn Moore’s niece), Mary Cooper,
Renee Svitek , Angele Wolk, Leslie Hix (Sitting) Kathy Goss, Cheryl Brady, Susan Bourdon, Jennie Baker


Upon retiring, Sherry had several goals.  The first one she acted on was to get involved again in ZTA activities.  The month after retirement, she attended a ZTA alumnae meeting.  Marcy Cann (who she had known at LSU) immediately asked her to be on the alumnae board as the next year��s Service Chairman, in addition to helping as the Treasurer for the first Think Pink! Luncheon.  She has continued on the Houston Alumnae Association of ZTA Board ever since, serving as Program Chairman, Service Chairman, Bylaws Chairman, and Panhellenic Delegate.  Sherry was awarded the Alumnae Certificate of Merit from Zeta Tau Alpha National.

For HAPA, Sherry joined with fellow LSU graduate, Toni Post, Delta Zeta, in Co-Vice Chairing the 2007 Annual HAPA Scholarship Luncheon, followed by Co-Chairing the 2008 Luncheon.  For two years she was the ZTA Delegate to HAPA.  Other offices held include Treasurer,  First Vice President, President, Nominating Chairman, and Second Vice President.  As a  Trustee of the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation (HAPF), Sherry has been chairman of the Development and Finance/Investment Committees as well as Bylaws chairman.  For 2018-19 she is serving as President of HAPF.   

In 2011, Sherry and Rolland were asked to be the Guests of Honor at the Annual HAPF Wine Tasting Event.  Family members, friends, and many ZTA women were on hand to celebrate the occasion.  A group of women from the Delta Kappa chapter at LSU traveled to Houston to share in the festivity.

After retirement, the St. Aubins began to take about one big trip each year.  They have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Mediterranean and Baltic waters.  Sherry and Rolland enjoy traveling and time with their family:  daughter Sharon, son-in-law James, and two grandchildren named Sabrina and James.  Recently they have started taking the entire family on vacations to share the wonderful experiences of learning about other parts of the world both in the USA and overseas.  These are quite an adventure and provide great family memories.


  rolland and sherry  
toni post and sherry st. aubin
Rolland and Sherry St. Aubin
Toni Post, Delta Zeta
(HAPF President 2013-2014)
Sherry St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha
(HAPA President 2013-2014)
  joni landon and sherry st. aubin   deborah and sherry   sherry and sandy  
Joni Landon, Alpha Chi Omega
(HAPF President 2017-2018)
Sherry St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha
(HAPF President 2018-2019)
Deborah Etheridge, Delta Gamma
(HAPA President 2018-2019)
Sherry St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha
(HAPF President 2018-2019)
Sherry St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha
Sandy Lewis, Zeta Tau Alpha
HAPF Board of Trustees
(Standing) Barbara Upchurch, Sharon Shelton-Pease, Deborah Etheridge, Sandy Lewis, Pam Jarrett,
Lorie Coffelt, Julie Vowell-Ramirez, Ann Johnson, Mary Cooper, Tina Melo, Grace Anne Baker, Connie Zieba
(Sitting) Sherry St. Aubin, Merry Adamcik, Joni Landon, Melanie Frank, Cooky Mays
  hapa presidents  
sandy, martha, sherry
HAPF 30-year Celebration - HAPA PRESIDENTS
(Standing) Sharon Shelton-Pease (1989-1990), Sherry St. Aubin (2013-2014),
Pam Jarrett (2008-2009), Sue Brennig (1995-1996),
Mimi Hagedorn (2005-2006), Melanie Frank (2014-2015),
Candace Turner (2017-2018), Lorie Coffelt (2011-2012),
Tina Melo (2006-2007) (Sitting) Phyllis Prange (1988-1989),
Susan Banks (2003-2004), Kay Newman (1998-1999)
HAPF 30-year Celebration
Sandy Lewis, Zeta Tau Alpha
(HAPF President 2014-2015 & 2015-2016)
Martha Hunt, Zeta Tau Alpha
(HAPF President 1990-1991)
Sherry St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha
(HAPA President 2013-2014)
  zta   zta  
Houston Panhellenic - Scholarship Luncheon
Sherry St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha
Makayla Faldyn, Zeta Tau Alpha (Scholarship Winner)
Cindie Faldyn (Makayla's Mother)
Houston Panhellenic - Scholarship Luncheon
Zeta Tau Alpha
(Standing) Mary Cooper, Sherry St. Aubin, Marcy Cann, Carolyn Berry Moore, Sandy Lewis (Sitting) Makayla Faldyn (Scholarship Winner), Kaylie Beard (Scholarship Winner), Jacquelyn Roman (Scholarship Winner)


  zta wine tasting
HAPF Wine Tasting Event - Zeta Tau Alpha
Allison Poore, Paige Pannagle, Mayllyn Luz, Renee Svitek,
Sherry St. Aubin, Emily Morgan, Angela Kelly, Marcy Cann
HAPF Wine Tasting Event - HONOREES
Rolland & Sherry St. Aubin (2011), John-David & Connie Zieba (2014), Cathy Coers Frank (2015),
Tina Melo (2017), Tim Pease & Sharon Shelton-Pease (2012), Pam & Alan Jarrett (2010)
Not Pictured:  Lyn Flynt (2016) and Polly & Joe Kent (2013)



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